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Artist | Student | Varied
Kei. NZ.
I write and I draw and stuff.
Flauros is NB lol

Current Residence: Auckland, NZ

Magi, KnB, Fullmetal Alchemist, Mirai Nikki, Elfen Lied, Mnemosyne, Studio Ghibli, Fairy Tail, Noragami, HxH, hash browns, mushroom carbonara, mozzarella, creme brulee, cheesecake, apple pie.

NineTails (WIP Title)

An adventure fantasy about animorphic people. Three young Foxes set out to stop their world war and take back their motherland and their rights.


Xun - the protagonist. He's an angsty, clever fox who is a dick to his friends when he can't think clearly.

Cara - one of Xun's best friends. Looks like a boy, looks like a girl. (Will be referred to as female for simplicity) The well-being of others is always more important than hers. Blindly faithful and is a pushover. Insane at hand-to-hand combat, however. IMAGES: 1

Seto - Xun's other best friend. Charismatic, attractive and intuitive. His bluntness causes him to clash with Xun on a regular basis. Has a really obvious crush on Cara and is extremely protective of her.

Ila - a mysterious individual who is chosen by the Great Priest's Spirit Orb. Reckless, ridiculously stubborn and temperamental. No one (but Cara, who is indifferent) likes her but they're stuck with her.  

Yue - the last Great Priest Haku's single apprentice. A perky, curious girl-fox who is fearsome when she's serious. Despite her youthful appearance and childish personality, she has wisdom much beyond her years.


Kinu Shibari (roughly translated as Silk Bound)

A modern day fantasy featuring Japanese folklore. The great spider-spirit Zetsumei's name is taken from her when she loses a game against a teenage boy. 14 year old Sakuya, who is in fact 200 years old, has been providing her menstrual blood to Zetsumei since the full moon of her first flowering. She is released and sent into the human world to trick the human boy into returning the spider's name.

Sakuya - a girl who is 200 years old but remains in the body of a 14 year old girl. She is naive about the human world and they way they view yokai. After she meets Yuuki and Nagi, her eyes are opened.

Asahina Yuuki - a 15 year old boy who is a True Seer, meaning he can see yokai. A quiet kid who isn't fond of people nor yokai. His family is his most dearest possession. He is suspicious yet curious of Sakuya - she possesses an aura that isn't human nor yokai.

Asahina Nagi - Yuuki's 12 year old sister, who is a Seer. She is ostracized by other True Seers in their area. She is generally optimistic, a bit reckless and rather perceptive. She takes an immediate liking towards Sakuya.

Zetsumei aka Spider Bitch - the alpha yokai of her area. Her power and position is her pride and her being. Has an appetite for menstrual blood and horny men. She's also ridonkulously over-powered.


Etherion Dorks (WIP title!)

A slice of life drama centered around 4 teenagers who become friends because of their shared love for an online game called Etherion. DRAMA ENSUES!

Narukawa Hakuya (shit I just realised his name is like Sakuya's) - A 17 year old Hiki-NEET, hardcore bad-mouthing gamer with social anxiety issues. He used to be the number 1 Etherion player in Japan until the enigmatic tsukira came along. IGN: yorugami

Minase Kiyo - High school first year who is usually emotionless and antisocial. After helping Hakuya overcome a panic attack, he become attached to her and even decides to return to school. IGN: frostzer0

Konoe Rie - Pretty, popular and petite. She keeps up a 'better than you' persona when she's with her friends, but is secretly obsessed with Etherion. IGN: redd_rozu

Kakuse Akito - That weird kid in class who never speaks but when he opens his mouth it's just bullshit. Loves big breasts, fantasy girls and drawing his own doujinshi. IGN: nikugasuki (i love meat)

Narukawa Takuma - Hakuya's older brother. He's the better version of Hakuya - intelligent, charming and wouldn't hurt a fly. He is a family oriented person and worries a lot about his brother. IGN: none, because he has a social life :')


Adventure fantasy set in the same time period as Fullmetal Alchemist, more or less. The nation of Ilium's most powerful military force is not the military themselves - but the Sanguine Guard, a group of young people who can turn their blood into weapons. 
When Cassia's younger sister is captured by the twisted Emperor of Vittoria, she disobeys the Crown to save her sister. Three Sanguine follow in her stead - two with intentions unknown.

Cassia - A very proficient fighter whose specialty is giant fucking swords and quick kills. She is ruled by her heart and intuition, leading her to do some really, really stupid stuff. She's also naive and dense as hell.

Antiope - Cassia's sweet sister. Her fragile body makes her unable to fight with her comrades. Instead, she tends to the Sanguine and does chores. A sweet and naive girl who is forced to fight for her life in the hands of a mad Emperor.

Lark - Cassia's best friend. His small and scrawny appearance is what got them to be friends in the first place. A curious individual who soaks up information like a sponge. He is interested in the biology of his people and acts as Cassia's brain.

Mejai - An enigmatic young woman part of the Sanguine Guard. You'll almost always find her flirting with young women in town or in drinking competitions. She's hard to approach and her reasons for helping Cassia is unknown.

Civis - The giant of the Sanguine Guard, also arguably the strongest. He's always covered in scraps of cloth from head to toe and you'll find him screaming at military trainees. Is welcoming and caring to his comrades. He also tags along with Cassia - perhaps he's smitten with Antiope?

Nemesis: The Wings of Retribution

A modern-day dark fantasy centered around the world of the Deva, human souls unable to rest, 'living' as powerful beings who are responsible collecting souls and purging evil. Our main character is revived as a Revenant, the subordinate of a Deva, and seeks vengeance on those who harmed her.

Iliana Oserapin - An 18 year old girl whose family and her were brutally murdered in the 'name of God'. She was revived by the deva Flauros, who aids her in her mission of bloodthirsty revenge. IMAGES: 1

Flauros - A Deva who appears to be in their early 20's, but died about 100 years ago. A quiet individual who shares their Revenant's desire of justice, but finds themselves haunted by their memories of life and the burden of death afterwards. IMAGES: 1

Lucifer/Satan - (what's a demon story without the original fallen angel, huh?) An enigmatic figure who lurks in Iliana's past and the shadows of her present. Once the charismatic and revered King of Hades, he has left the world he created to seek a 'greater cause'. 

Baal - One of the Rulers of Hades. He was once Lucifer's right hand man and an incredible thinker. Since his brother's leave, he has been living inside his own mind and uses an exaggerated persona to communicate with others. 

Astaroth - One of the Rulers of Hades. The powerful and beloved female figure of Hades. She is a brilliant ball of light who guides lost souls, yet brings searing pain to those who disrespect her. A wild and temperamental woman who has to be restrained by her twin, Azazel.

Azazel - One of the Rulers of Hades. Astaroth's twin brother, who is the moon to her sun. A stiff man ruled by logic and dislikes disorder. He prefers using fear to get his way - unfortunately, his subordinates find him hilarious more than anything.


When her best friend Yui is drugged at an underground rave, Natsume Saya is confronted by two mysterious individuals - one of whom is Suzuya Moro, a student in her year. They offer to rescue Yui from fatality, only if she is willing to pay a price. With no other options left, Saya agrees. Yui is saved, but Saya is now in debt to the enigmatic Suzuya and his employers; nicknamed 'Mephisto' by the underworld. (lol this is hella WIP but currently I like these guys so)

Natsume Saya: A 3rd year high school student who is constantly searching for excitement in her daily life. After she becomes involved with Suzuya, she believes her life has took a turn for the better.

Suzuya Moro: A fellow 3rd year in Saya's high school. He usually keeps to himself and has numerous rumors surrounding - some of which may or may not be true. He is a capable 'debt collector' and dislikes being called 'Mephisto'. 

I will add links to their images once I draw good pictures of them.
Eh, I would add my fanmade OC's but I'm really shy about it even though I quite like my characters...
One day... >_<

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  • Drinking: Powerade YEAH

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